Bamboo Flooring


Natural Strand Woven
Bamboo Flooring
Recommendedfor beingstrong and eco-friendly, bamboo flooring is slowly gaining popularity as it offers same stunning finish as timber flooring at comparatively lower costs. Over the last 10 years, bamboo flooring prices have dropped considerably making it a cost effecy=tive alternative to solid timber or engineered timber flooring. There arethousands of different species of bamboo of which, mosobamboo is generally used in flooring.

Bamboo is actually a type of grass and one of the hardest species in the world. It is easier to grow and new forests can be harvested every five years as compared to 200 years that oak trees take to fully grow. Another point that separates bamboo from other timbers is that bamboo floorboards are made by seaming together strips of bamboo using high pressure, heat and adhesives. It means that instead of floor boards, bamboo strips of varying widths can be created.

Carbonized Strand Woven
Bamboo Flooring
Carbonized Antique Strand
Woven Bamboo Flooring

As is evident from the name, strand woven bamboo uses bamboo which is cut into fine strands andwoven back together to form a sheet using adhesives from which raw boards are cut. It can then be dyed and stained to give different colour variations and can even be engineered by gluing a layer of bamboo on top of several layers of wood

such as plywood that have been fused together with glue using high pressure and temperatures.Bamboo flooring normally comes pre-finished and can be installed by one of two methods: as a floating floor or by direct adhesion (with glue or nails) to the subfloor..

Natural Antique Strand
Woven Bamboo Flooring

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