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Engineered hardwood timber sheets are considerably more tolerant of dampness than solid sheets – despite the fact that timber ground surface should notbe used where too much moisture is present. The engineered base in engineered hardwood timber, given its quality and inflexibility, doesn’t change shape like solid timber. So it can hence be made into more extensive boards with the oak layer glued to the top. Wide and long boards are preferred by engineers and interior designers to give a stunning look to a large room.

As engineered hardwood timberdo not rely on slow grown oaks, plantation is more sustainable and environment friendly. Far less slow growth treesare utilized to accomplish a similar look and lifetime, and a large portion of the section of flooring base is from regenerating woods.

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Tasmanian Oak

Engineered hardwood timberflooring adjusts rapidly to the installation environment as a “floating floor” so they are used over any subfloor that is level and sound. As they are pre-completed they are ready for use as soon as installed, unlike conventional planks of flooring that require acclimatization, numerous sanding stages after installation, and various lacquering.

Engineered hardwood timber flooring is also more affordable than customary solid hardwood flooring. We have a range of different styles and textures of engineered hardwood timber planks available for you to choose from and we guarantee that our competitive prices are unbeatable.


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