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Engineered oak timber flooring is less expensive and better for nature. Engineered oak timber flooring has been around for about 20 years. The prevalence of engineered oak timber flooring has increased considerably and it is currently the most attractive timber flooring available.

European Oak, or French Oak as it is additionally called, is a slow growing and very hard wood timber. It is has been used during that time as an unparalleledchoice for ship building, fine furniture creation and . . . flooring! It has following set of advantages which are main reasons for its popular use:

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• A high thickness making it exceptionally solid and strong
• Excellent tight regular grain varieties making it a dazzling surface
• A normally high tannin content which makes it exceedingly impervious to insect and parasitic assaults
• In spite of its thickness, it is exceptionally serviceable

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Engineered oak timberis also preferred by carpenters because of its adaptability.While solid timber can twist and deform with the temperature, air and dampness (that is the reason solid timber boards are by and large thin to limit these issues), engineered timber sheets have an engineered base developed from sticking numerous layers of compressed wood in numerous ways to give it high quality.

A more slender surface wear layer of strong oak is then stuck to this base – this can regularly extend from 2mm to 5mm, which is sufficient to give many years of wear and to take into account various future sandings and re-finishings.

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