Wpc Decking


WPC decking is made completely out of Polyvinyl chloride (WPC) and has no wood. WPC decking although more costlier than some other decking options, ismore resistant to staining and fading and requires less maintenance as compared to others.

WPC decking has been available in the market since 2005 and keeps on being a contender as a best deck building material. Its exceptionally all plastic composition makes it unmistakably not the same as wood decking or other composite decking choices. WPC decking has changed in appearance since its introduction and is currently accessible in various colours and finishes. There’s no organic content to allowdamage by mould or insects and has exceptional resistance to moisture, dents and flames making it perfect for outdoor use in decks, patios and other open areas.

WPC decking offers the highestfade, stain, and mouldresistance among decking items. The items are promoted as low-maintenance and are normally simple to clean and keep up. WPC decking normally doesn’t require recoloring, sanding, or painting. WPC decking is once in a while incompletely made out of reused plastic material, making it an earth friendly, effective utilization of resources. The product is essentially lighter contrasted with wood composite items and can be shaped and finished to make custom arrangements. The material is also slip and scratch resistant which makes it a great choice for people with kids and pets.

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